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Steps to Becoming a Professional Landscaper

Landscapers are mainly horticulture specialists who use a combo of creativity and technical abilities to create beautiful and sustainable commercial, residential and public spaces. Most if not all landscapers use CAD software to design plans and layouts which once approved lay the necessary groundwork for the work ahead. Landscapers will also detail the use of […]

How to Setup a Simple Ninja Circuit in the Backyard

We have all seen those YouTube videos of young wannabe Ninjas swing, jump and climb their way through a DIY obstacle course set up in their backyards. Kids as young as five can be seen tackling what appears to be a replica of the obstacle course. The phenomenon is growing, and there is no reason […]

How to Setup A Herb Garden In Your Backyard?

A herb garden can make it easy to add fresh herbs to your food. What’s more is the feeling of pride each time you use these herbs in your cooking or for medicine. Herb gardens not only provide you with a supply of free and tasty plants they are also beautiful and can brighten up […]

How to Check if your Landscaper is Licensed?

Many homeowners have no idea what it takes to hire an experienced, licensed and trusted landscaper. Consequently, many cowboy landscapers end up making off with their money and so homeowners have little to show in the way of results. Whether you want to add more curb appeal or just overhaul the way your home looks […]

3 Major Differences Between Landscapers and Gardeners

Gardening and Landscaping are two extremely popular home improvement techniques that mainly center around using rocks, plants and other features to enhance natural beauty. However, in particular, gardening mainly involves growing plants which can range from tending to one plant to a garden with dozens of different plants. It requires either caring for or growing […]