Steps to Becoming a Professional Landscaper

Landscapers are mainly horticulture specialists who use a combo of creativity and technical abilities to create beautiful and sustainable commercial, residential and public spaces. Most if not all landscapers use CAD software to design plans and layouts which once approved lay the necessary groundwork for the work ahead. Landscapers will also detail the use of plant species, water features, walkways and terraces etc.

Landscapers are also responsible for contracting builders to carry out the required construction work of certain features. They will oversee the project entirely until its satisfying end. That means they need to be involved in other aspects of the project like irrigation, planting and fertilizing. Becoming a successful landscaper requires passion and a love for nature. You’ll only be successful, and we’ll only advise that you go down this career path if you have a passion for both nature and design.

Step no. 1: Familiarize Yourself with The Fundamentals

The best way to dive into landscaping as a career is to start with familiarizing yourself with all the basics. Numerous online resources can get you up to speed on the principles of texture, color theory, layout, CAD, etc. Plus, you’ll want to start browsing through landscape designs on Instagram and Pinterest. Collect pictures and analyze them. See what you like about these designs and what principles have are being applied.

Step no. 2: Enroll in a Horticulture Course

Even though there are many things you can learn online completing a course is one of the keys to becoming a successful landscaper. The courses are meant to give you a thorough understanding of various plant species, ecology, and the environment. All of this is invaluable information for anyone looking to design a sustainable and healthy garden. Plus, you’ll learn about pest control, weed management, irrigation, permaculture, etc. these are things you can’t learn on your own.

Step no. 3: Start Practicing

Once you have completed the above steps, it is time to put what you know to practice. However, since you are not a landscaper just yet, it is important to get your feet wet by networking with people in the industry. Meet other landscapers and volunteer for projects. You’ll also want to enter student level competitions. The contest will help to showcase your skills and talent. You should also start building a portfolio at this point so photograph everything you build.

Step no. 4: Market yourself

A big part of being a successful landscaper is marketing your skills. We have seen many landscapers fail because of the inability to sell their skills. You’ll want to have an online presence starting with social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. A website will also help you connect with potential clients. Once you start getting paying clients, that’s when the ball starts rolling for you. Though make sure that you get their feedback and that feedback should be proudly displayed on your website.

Final Word

Successful landscapers need to have a right mix of technical abilities, attention to detail, aesthetic sense and excellent problem-solving skills. Plus, having excellent communication will make it easier for you to deal with contractors, suppliers, and others involved in a landscaping project.